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WUBOX IFH International Championship 2022

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WUBOX IFH International Championship / 4.- 6. November 2022


Attention! Please send a photo in .jpg format of the dog handler and the team leader for the catalog at the same time as the registration.

The registration deadline for pre-registering a team or individual starter (wildcard) has been set for September 26, 2022. However, please register as early as possible.

Download Formular pre-registering a team/docx

Download Formular pre-registering a team/pdf

Download Formular wildcard participant/docx

Download Formular wildcard participant/pdf

The registration deadline for participants was set for October 10, 2022. All data must be filled out. A team can only be registered in full by the national organization.

Download Formular participant from a WUBOX member country/docx

Download Formular participant from a WUBOX member country/pdf

Reporting address / registration office:

Karl Klingenbrunner (WUBOX responsible for utility dogs)

mail: boxerclub@chello.at




International Championship 2021

The WUBOX IFH Championship 2021, organized by the ÖBK Austrian Boxer Club and hosted by the ÖRV Austrian Dog Club, will take place from November 12th to 14th, 2021 in Gresten / Lower Austria.