Our passion for our breed
the Boxer all over the world

WUBOX Committees

WUBOX Committee
for breeding

Responsible and head:
Pascal Trifilieff (France)


Additional members:
Vaclav Novotny (Czech Republic)
Sébastien Benesperi (France)

Giancarlo Perrotta ( Italy)

New project
Boxer breed observatory

The breeding committee of the WUBOX association has set up an analysis of the Boxer breed by what has been called "the Boxer breed observatory".

This close collaboration between the judges and breeding commission will make it possible to draw up a balance sheet at the end of the year.

A web page on our website will be reserved for judges, who will be able to report their remarks and opinions on the boxers judged, by country. At the end of eacha year, we will make a global assessment that we will send back to each Boxer club from the different countries. They will then inform the breeders on the path to take in their breeding. The judges will receive feedback from the Exhibitions Committee.

If we do not act, our young and future breeders will lose sight of our Boxer, having hardly ever known it, except in the photos of the ancestors of our boxers. I use an alarmist tone, but it is often in an emergency that we are most effective.

Link for judges:
Boxer Breed WUBOX Observatory



WUBOX Committee
for health

Responsible and head (provisional):
Francesca Damia (Italy)

Additional members:

Dr. Eric Goyenvalle (France)
Dr. Silke Viefhues (Germany)
Dr. Claudio Bussadori (Italy)
Prof. Stefanie Ohlerth (Switzerland)

more information comming soon

WUBOX Committee
for show and Judges

Responsible and head:
Inese Pablaka (Lettland

Additional members:
Oliver Erat (Austria)
Henning Egeblad (Denmark)

more information comming soon

WUBOX Committee

for utility dogs and utility dogs judges

Responsible and head:
Karl Klingenbrunner (Austria)
Additional members:
Uwe Petersen (Germany)                                                                                                       Patrick Naef (Switzerland)
Mirco Spada (Italy)


WUBOX contact person for all professional matters relating to our Boxer

Creation, updating, monitoring and further development of the guidelines of the  WUBOX IGP + IFH international championships

Appointment of utility dogs judges at WUBOX IGP + IFH international  championships based on the WUBOX utility dogs judge pool

Organization of international meetings for utility dogs judges and workshops in sport